Advanced Tactical Laser Simulator & Gun Defense Course

Course Description

tact simWith the use of a Glock Laser Training Pistol, the student will sharpen their firearm skills, by aiming, shooting at moving targets, including using your judgment as when to shoot at an unarmed or armed moving live target.

Changing Scenarios will keep you engaged, while your timing reaction and bullet shots will be recorded.

This course is an interactive exchange with students, learning from one another.

tact sim2Embrace a challenge, sharpen skills and have fun


The Instructor will demonstrate how to disarm an approaching attacker or imminent threat, using gun defense techniques.

This course is interactive, engaging students working in groups. Gun Defense enhances your confidence and skilled knowledge base.

tact sim3


tact sim4 COST: $75.00



Class Location:

Elks Lodge, 10720 S Central Ave, Chicago Ridge, IL

Note: Parking on North side of building, enter at side door please.

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